We are currently in the process of moving, so there is no life drawing until approximately August. Sorry for this inconvenience but stay tuned! If you’d like to be added to our mailing list, e-mail artstoryguelph at gmail.com.
— The Laidlaws

Guelph Figure Drawing

I co-host a weekly figure drawing drop-in session every Tuesday evening from 7-10 pm. We can host up to 14 people, and it is open to the beginner and experienced alike.  We've been running it for over 5 years, and we always look forward to seeing new faces.

Me in the foreground. This is a busier night!

Me in the foreground. This is a busier night!


All you need to bring is paper, whether in a sketchbook or a newsprint pad, and something to draw with.  We have boards and clips to attach newsprint to, and have plenty of seating.

Do I need to book in advance?

No, these sessions are drop-in. If you're concerned about getting a seat, arrive 15 minutes early and you should be fine.

Do you host any other days?

We occasionally book Sundays (about once a month) for an extended 3-hour pose for anyone who'd like to do a long drawing or a painting.

My dad, who runs the figure drawing with me, painting away.

My dad, who runs the figure drawing with me, painting away.

Is it taught?

Not officially, but we're always happy to share plenty of tips and tricks with beginners. If you really want tutoring with your art, visit my Teaching page.

Are there breaks?

Yes, we have our long break (about 15 min) at 8pm, after the first hour, and then a shorter break after the second hour, at 9pm. On the first break we also serve fresh baked goods, such as muffins or cookies. We also serve a wide variety of teas.

life drawing baked goods.jpg

What is the cost?

The simple drop-in price is $18, but if you intend to come multiple times we recommend picking up our 5-session punch card at $80 ($16/session) or our 10-session punch card at $150 ($15/session).

If you cannot afford our sessions but you'd still like to come out, just let us know this, and we will work out another arrangement, such as helping us advertise or put up posters for the event. We believe in accessibility!

Speaking of accessibility, is it a physically accessible space?

Somewhat, there are about two steps to get into our house (where it takes place) but once you're through the door, you immediately turn left and that's our studio. So as long as you're able to get up the two initial stairs of the porch, you will be fine.

guelph figure drawing illustration

"The atmosphere for figure drawing at the Guelph Art Hub is fun, comfortable and supportive. Acquaintances quickly become friends. And the break-time snacks are delicious!" - Maryn K.B.

"Excellent, interesting looking, experienced models, both male and female, who can take and hold a variety of poses. Sessions are held in a comfortable setting with decent lighting, where artists can situate themselves well in relation to the model. I find it is a sociable group of artists of all ages and levels, working in a home setting with home-baked goods and a lovely dog, Rocky. There is no problem with parking on the street!" - Melodie W.

"As a very shy beginner, I find Guelph Figure Drawing to be an incredibly welcoming space—the other, more experienced participants are generous with their tips and insights about drawing, but also fine with leaving me alone if I just want to keep quiet and draw." - Lisa B.

"I've been attending Art Story sessions for the past three years as a practicing artist and a model. I've been met with great appreciation and respect, and feel like I'm among friends no matter which side of the drawing board I'm on. The atmosphere is cozy, the conversation is lively, and the Laidlaws never disappoint with their music, cookies and welcoming generosity. I'd recommend this group to beginners looking for a friendly place to explore life-drawing, though it's truly suited to anyone of any
skill level seeking a place to hone their craft." - Larissa A.

"Garth is a highly experienced and skilled draughtsman who continues to share his knowledge at Tiffany Street figure drawing. As leader of the group, he is open to all the various ideas that strike to the very heart of what it means to be an artist today. " - Jeff T.

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