Welcome to my website. My name is Garth Laidlaw and I’m a freelancer animator, illustrator, teacher, and painter.

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Need Animation?

I offer several different kinds of animation. The most basic and budget-friendly is whiteboard animation. These are great for explaining concepts, and can be completed fairly quickly. I’ll need to know if you require a voice-over narrator to speak during the video, and if you would like music at any points in the video. For music, I recommend looking on Premiumbeat.com. I often receive complete scripts from clients, but if you would like help developing your script, I offer this service as well.

The next step up from whiteboard animation is motion graphic animation, often used interchangeably with “motion design”. This encapsulates a wide variety of different kinds of animation. It is often in full colour, with characters, locations, or just text. There are no strict guidelines as to what motion graphics are or aren’t, but generally, they are quite custom-made to your brand, campaign, product, or concept. They can be full colour, limited colour, or black and white. They can have camera moves such as zooming in, panning across an area, and artwork can appear on-screen in a variety of ways. The best way to get an idea is to see it! Take a look at my animation page to see some of my own work, or visit some of my favourite studios work here, and here.

The last form of animation, which is the most costly, but also the most engaging and potential award-winning quality, is simply called full animation. A great example is this Travel Oregon animation by Psyop and Suncreature Studios (which I’ve also written a blog post about here). This allows for an infinite range of character, prop, and location animation. Your imagination is the limit with full animation. This is the way the Disney used to make their films.

“What I Need From You” Cheat Sheet

  • What is your project about? Who is your target audience? What is your goal for video?

  • How long would you like your video to be? Do you need multiple videos?

  • Do you require voice over or music?

  • If yes to voice over, is your script complete, or would you like my assistance to improve it?

  • When do you need the video by?

  • What is your approximate budget for the whole project? (If you don’t know, I can give you a quote for the project. I ask because sometimes there are ways to reduce costs on my end.)

  • Any videos that you would like yours to be similar to (optional).

Once you have these details..

Additional Requests

  • Are you a teacher looking to book a school visit? Book here.

  • Are you interested in hiring me for illustration or animation work? Tell me about your project.

  • Are you looking for help with your art? Visit this page.

  • Are you interested in participating in life drawing? If as an artist, full info on this page. If you’re interested in modeling for our sessions, email artstoryguelph @ gmail.com

Keep in Touch!

I’m most active on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube (see some of my videos here), but I occasionally use Twitter as well.

I also have a very rare, quarterly to half-year Newsletter that I send out.